VOLUME 58(1)

Foothill and mountain agriculture and stockbreeding. – 2015. – V. 58(1)

Agriculture and plant growing

Baystruk-Hlodan L. Model of grade red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) for conditions of Precarpathians

Broshchak I. Senуk I. Features of formation of alfalfa-cereal agrophytocenosis depending on the technological methods of cultivation

Bugryn L., Kotiash, U., Panakhyd G. Performance of the long-term meadow herbage depending on fertilizer

Vavrynovych O., Kachmar O., Magotska L., Shcherba M.The influence of crop rotation factor on the formation of potential contamination of soil in soybean crops

Vasylenko M. Organo-mineral fertilizers raise a crop and improve quality of production

Gabriel A. Olifir Yu. Prolonged stationary experiment of the Institute of agriculture in the Carpathian region in the context of its 50 years of operation

Hamkalo Z.,Hryciv L., Kurylko L., Bedernichek T. Soil ecological quality of agroecosystems: theoretical, methodological and methodical aspects

Holubchenko V. Losovy, Kuliganov E.B., Rapustina G. A., Yamkova N. A. The influence of mineral fertilizers on the productivity and grain quality of winter wheat in the years with different supply of moisture

Gospodarenko G., Rassadina. I. The quality of camelina glabrata seeds depending on fertilizer

Grygora T., Tkachenko M. The motion of transformation of organic matter of gray forest soils depending on the doses of mineral fertilizers

Grygoriv Ya., Stelmakh О. The formation of leaf surface of camelina glabrata, depending on the elements of technology of cultivation in the Precarpathian region

Gurynovych S., Melnyk U., Obukh G. Іntroduction of cruciferous crops of Ukraine

Dankiv K. Effect of long term application to different fertilization systems on physico-chemical and agrochemical properties of light gray forest surface gleyed soil

Degodyuk S., Litvinova Е., Kyrychenko A. Influence of long application of fertilizers on crop rotation agrochemical characteristics of gray forest soil

Demchyshyn A., Dankiv K. Ecological and agrochemical evaluation condition land of Yavoriv district Lviv region for X round of agrochemical examination

Dubytska А., Kachmar О., Dubytskyi А., Shcherba М. Efficiency of biological alternatives systems of fertilizer under potatoes in the western forest-steppe

Kachmar О., Vavrynovych O., Dubytska А., Shcherba М The influence of systems of basic processing and fertilizers on water-physical properties of gray forest soil and yield of vetch-oat

Knihnitska L. Yield capacity of soft winter wheat varieties zymoyarka for different sowing and seeding rates in terms of the Precarpathians

Kobyrenko Yu., Kotiash U., Panakhyd G., Pukalo D. The accumulation of root mass of restored grass depending on sowed species of grasses and fertilizers

Konyk G., Baystruk-Hlodan L., Mamenko G. Agro-ecological bases of cultivation of Trifolium gibridum L. of grade Prydnistrovska

Konyk G. Zhapaleu G. Effect of seed treatment of white clover by bacterial preparations for sowing and productive properties

Konyk G., Ivantsiv R. Evaluation of samples of perennial rye grass of biological and economically valuable indicators

Kostiuchko S. Yield of sugar beet depending on scheme of use of herbicides

Kunychak G., Hutsulіak T. Effective methods of soil treatment when growing soybeans

Martynenko V. Crop yields and fertility of black soil typical depend on different fertilizers and tillage

Marukhnyak A., Datsko A., Lisova Yu. Phenotypic stability and adaptive potential of oat genotypes

Pastukh N. Influence of fertilizers and soil tillage on the biological activity of typical black soil under winter wheat in the conditions of left-bank forest-steppe

Semenchuk V. The effectiveness of using potato planting material obtained at different terms removal potato stems

Stelmakh O., Hrygoriv Ya., Melnychuk T. Energy analysis of growing technology rape with erucic and oleic oils tyрes

Truskavetskyy R., Zubkovska V., Khyzhniak I. the impact of hydro morphism in soil fertility

Tsapko Yu., Kalinichenko V. The effectiveness of the occluded mіneral fertilizer application in arid conditions

Shkliar V. Humus state of gray forest soil depending on the fertilization system and chemical melioration

Yarmoluk M., Panakhyd G., Bugryn L., Kotiash U. Stationary field experiment «Productivity of sown lowland meadow herbage depending on the fertilization and use intensity » in the context of forty-year-old research

Yatsuk I., Lishchuk A., Matusevych G., Draga M. Agroecological status of soils of Sumy region on the results of ecological and agrochemical passportization

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