VOLUME (73)-1

Volume 73, Issue 1




and plant growing

Prystаtskа О. N., Bіlоvus H. Ya., Vаshchyshyn О. А., Vоlоshchuk І. S.

Features of diseases of winter rape in the conditions of the Western Forest-Steppe

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2023-(73)-1-1    Pdf PDF

Buhryn O. M., Buhryn L. M., Partyka T. V., Pukalo D. L.

Assessment of organic production of raw forage materials depending on the composition of meadow agrophytocenosis

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2023-(73)-1-2    Pdf PDF

Voytovyk М. V.

Accumulation of soil residues in short rotation crop rotations

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2023-(73)-1-3    Pdf PDF

Havryshko O. S., Olifir Yu. M., Habryiel A. Y., Partyka T. V.

Comparative analysis of changes in properties of light-gray forestal surface-gleyed soil in different crop rotations under long-term anthropogenic influence

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2023-(73)-1-4    Pdf PDF

Zelia A. H., Havryliuk A. T., Ilchuk R. V., Vavrynovych O. V., Zelia H. V., Ilchuk Yu. R., Burkut V. I.

Membrane exoosmosis as an indicator for determining drought resistance of potato hybrids

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2023-(73)-1-5    Pdf PDF

Tyrus M. L., Lykhochvor V. V.

The yield of amaranth depending on the variety and sowing rate in conditions of sufficient moisture

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2023-(73)-1-6    Pdf PDF



Antonenko S. F., Piskun V. I., Zolotarov A. P., Osypenko T. L., Admina N. H., Kuzmenko L. M.

Technological techniques for preparing heifers for the next lactation using udder massage

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2023-(73)-1-7    Pdf PDF

Vorobel M. I.

Emission of harmful gases from chicken manure when using different doses of biopreparation Scarabei

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2023-(73)-1-8    Pdf PDF

Klym O. Ya., Vorobel M. I., Kovalskyi Yu. V., Rivis Y. F., Kaplinskyi V. V., Androshulik R. L.

Nutritional value and modern approaches to the usage of the bee pollen

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2023-(73)-1-9    Pdf PDF

Petriv M. D., Ferents L. V., Fedak N. M.

Fattening and meat quality of obroshyn gray geese when crossed with a large gray breed

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2023-(73)-1-10    Pdf PDF

Pundyk V. P.

Breed composition and quantity of pigs population in the western region of Ukraine and development of interbreed

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2023-(73)-1-11    Pdf PDF

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