VOLUME (71)-2



Bilovus H. Ya.

Influence of abiotic factors on the development of main diseases of winter wheat in the conditions of the Western Forest-Steppe

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-1    Pdf PDF

Voloshchuk І. S., Voloshchuk О. P., Konyk H. S., Hlyva V. V., Vorobiova Yu. V., Hereshko H. S., Sluchak О. М.

Efficiency of growing basic seeds of soft winter wheat under various agrotechnological measures

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-2    Pdf PDF

Panakhyd H. Ya., Kozak N. І., Sendetskyі V. M.

Dependence of red clover production processes on technological elements

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-3    Pdf PDF

Perehrym О. R.

Study and evaluation of white clover samples as a source material for selection in the conditions of Precarpathian

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-4    Pdf PDF

Voloshchuk O. P., Sendetskyі V. M., Melnychuk T. V., Sendetskyі I. V.

Productivity of winter rape for the application of vermiodos growth regulator and different seeding rates

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-5    Pdf PDF

Havryshko O. S., Olifir Yu. M., Gabryiel A. Y., Partyka T. V.

Transformation of agrochemical properties of light-gray forestal surface-gleyed soil

during long-term agricultural use

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-6    Pdf PDF

Gen S. P.

Yield and crop structure of soybean depending on elements of growing technology

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-7    Pdf PDF

Dryha V. V., Doronin V. A., Kravchenko Yu. A., Doronin V.V.

Preparation of millet seeds (Panicum virgatum L.) for sowing

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-8    Pdf PDF

Kurhak V. H., Havrysh Ya. V.

Botanical composition and dynamics of linear growth, leaf and leaf surface fraction in the formation of meadow agrophytocenoses

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-9    Pdf PDF

Pylypiv N. I.

The structure of the crop of sown legumes and cereals depending on the species composition and fertilizer

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-10    Pdf PDF

Rudavska N. M., Konyk H. S., Shuvar A. M., Dziubailo A. H., Behen L. L., Tymchyshyn O. F., Dorota Н. M.

Temperature regime of autumn vegetation of winter wheat and its wintering in the conditions of the Сarpathian region

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-11    Pdf PDF

Fedorenko A. V., Bakhmut O. O., Borysenko V. I., Chelombitko A. F., Bashchenko M. M.

The cereal crops’ pests of the Coleoptera species

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-12    Pdf PDF

Shcherba M. M., Kachmar O. Y., Dubytska A. O., Vavrynovych O. V., Taravska O. V.

Influence of fertilization systems on productivity formation of grains and legumes short-rotation cultivations

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-13    Pdf PDF


Dankiv V. Ya., Petryshyn М. А., Pavlyshak Ya. Ya.

Development of heirfers and dairy productivity of cows, doughters of different simmental breed bulls

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2022-(71)-2-14   Pdf PDF

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