VOLUME (74)-2

74-2 CONTENT   AGRICULTURE AND PLANT GROWING Bilonizhka Kh. V. Efficiency of using microfertilizers in the technology of growing oilseed radish (Raphanus sativum d. var. oleifera metrg.) DOI:10.32636/01308521.2023-(74)-2-1    PDF Vashchyshyn … Read More

VOLUME (74)-1

CONTENT   Agriculture and plant growing   Voitovyk M. V. Pollution of sunflower agrocenoses in short rotation crop rotations DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2023-(74)-1-1    PDF Voloshchuk M. Yu. Field germination of white mustard … Read More

VOLUME (73)-2

AGRICULTURE AND PLANT GROWING   Dоrота H. М., Rudаvskа N. М., Vоlоshchuk О. P., Тyмchyshyn О. F. Reaction of long-leaved flax varieties tо different doses of mineral fertilizers in the … Read More

VOLUME (73)-1

Volume 73, Issue 1   CONTENT Agriculture and plant growing Prystаtskа О. N., Bіlоvus H. Ya., Vаshchyshyn О. А., Vоlоshchuk І. S. Features of diseases of winter rape in the … Read More

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