Foothill and mountain agriculture and stockbreeding. – 2016. – V. 60




BEGEY S., MARTSINKO T. Impact of presowing soil tillage on productivity of grass mixtures under conditions of Precarpathians 3–8.

BEGEY S., MARTSINKO T. Influence of ways of the basic soil cultivation and fertilizatihttps://phzt-journal.isgkr.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/zbirnik/60ua/3.pdfon systems on the energy efficiency of forage crop rotation 8–14.

VAVRYNOVYCH O., KACHMAR O., MAGOTSKA L., KOTYK Z.  Impact of soil tillage on weed infestation of winter wheat crops 14–20.

VASHCHYSHYN О., DOBROVETSKA M. Influence of variety resistance on infection of potatoes by late blight 20–32.

GAVRYSHKO O. Changing of total physical properties of light gray forest surface gleyed soil under the impact of its long-term use 32–38.

DATSKO A. Adaptive peculiarities of oat samples different ecology-geographical origin 39–49.

DZIUBAILO A., DZIUBAILO A., MATYS V., HOLOVCHUK M. Chlorophyll content in leaves of spring rape plants and photosynthesis productivity 49–55.

DUBITSKY A., KACHMAR O., DUBITSKA A., VAVRYNOVYCH O., SHCHERBA M. The role of the climate-sensitive traits of functioning efficiency of the leaves photosynthetic machinery in the formation of winter wheat grain productivity upon conditions of biological fertilizers systems 56–66.

KONYK G., LYKHOCHVOR A. Yield and quality of Camelina sativa seeds depending on fertilizer rates 66–70.

KONYK G., RUDAVSKA N. Economic evaluation of the creation and use of hayland swards 71–74.

KORETSKA M. The influence of presowing treatment of seeds and outside roots fertilizing of plants on content of sugars in the root neck of winter rape 75–82.

KOTYASH U., PANAKHYD G., KOBYRENKO Y., DIDUKH G. Features of the formation of old-sown phytocenoses under influence of mineral fertilizers and usage regulations 83–87.

LYKHOCHVOR V., SHCHERBACHUK V., PANASYUK R., PANASYUK O. The influence of fertilizers on formation of photosynthetic and grain productivity of soya in the conditions of the Western Forest-Steppe 88–96.

LISOVA Yu. Breeding indices of oat naked samples 96–104.

MAMENKO G. Scientific-methodical bases of seed growing of perennial grasses in the conditions of Precarpathian 104–109.

MARUKHNYAK A., DATSKO A., LISOVA Yu., MARUKHNYAK G. Chemical composition of grain of oat naked samples 110–118.

MOROZ V., VOROBEL М., GARMADIY O., SHEVCHUK N. Influence of climate change on yield of agricultural cultures of Carpathian region 118–125.

PANAKHYD Н. Influence of different kinds of fertilizer of legume-grass grass stand to changing agrophysical indicators of soil 125–130.

SNITYNSKIY V., SMAL O. Content of heavy metals in soils of plantations of various functional value of green areas of the city Lviv 131–138.

TERLETSKA М., BUGRYN L., SMETANA S. Yield and botanic-farming composition of pasture grass stand depending on grass mixtures and fertilizing 139–145.

TKACHENKO L., SVIDERKO M., SHUVAR A., BEGEN L., TYMKIV M. Influence of seeding dates and conditions of nutrition on productivity of winter wheat under conditions of Western Forest-Steppe 146–152.

TOMASHIVSKIY Z., TOMASHIVSKIY O. Рroductivity of potatoes depending on the use of  preplant tillage of soil 153–162.

SHUVAR I., KORPITA G. Influence of herbicides on the intensity of microbiological activity of soil in crops of spring barley and potatoes 162–169.



DYACHENKO А. The transformation of the essential fatty acids family ɷ-6 in the body of fattening young cattle and their accumulation in liver and skeletal muscle 170–175.

KOHUT М., FEDAK V. Development of heifers variovs lines of Simmental breed 176–180.

KOZYR V. Age dynamics of the crude fat in the body of bull-calves of precocious and long growing beef breeds 180–185.

KORNYAT S., BODNAR U., KUZMINA N., ANDRUSHKO O., OSTAPIV D., SHARAN M. Quality of ejaculates and boars sperm diluted by medium Ekosperm 186–190.

LEVYTSKA L. Milk production with the use of ensilage grass-legume mixtures 190–197.

SLOBODA L., PETRIV M., ZAGORETS N., SLOBODA O. Reproductive qualities and blood indexes of Obroshyno Gray geese II generation crossed with Big Gray breed 197–203.

FEDAK V., POLULIKH M. Development of meat cattle breeding in Lviv region 203–209.

BOIVKA T. POLULIKH O., MATVIETS V. Actual problems of innovating process in agroindustrial production 210–215.

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