Foothill and mountain agriculture and stockbreeding. – 2017. – V. 61


Agriculture and plant growing


L.BAYSTRUK-HLODAN, M. HOMYAK, G. ZHAPALEU. Prospects of Festuca trachyphylla breeding for the creation of lawn destination varieties at conditions of Precarpathians

DUBYTSKY A., KACHMAR O., DUBYTSKA A., VAVRYNOVYCH O., SHCHERBA M. The role of solar radiation-sensitive traits of the photosynthetic apparatus capacity of the leaves in the formation of the winter wheat grain productivity upon conditions of biological fertilizers systems

DUBYTSKY A., KACHMAR O., DUBYTSKA A., VAVRYNOVYCH O., SHCHERBA M. Formation of the winter wheat ear productivity depending on the specific area and specific surface density of the leaves upon conditions of ecologically safe fertilizers systems

KOBYRENKO YU., KOTYASH U., TERLETSKA M., DIDYH H. Dynamics of species composition of uneven-age grass stands under influence of anthropogenic load

KONYK G., LYKHOCHVOR A. Optimization elements of growing technology of spring false flax in the conditions of the western Forest-Steppe

KONYK G., RUDAVSKA N. Influence of fertilization and biopreparations on quality and nutritional value of grass meadow feed

MARUKHNYAK A., DATSKO A., LISOVA Yu, MARUKHNYAK G. Plasticity and stability of productivity quantitative traits in oat naked samples

OLIFIR Yu., GAVRYSHKO O., SHYNKARUK G. Influence of long-term use of different systems fertilization and liming systems and their aftereffect on transformation of acid-basic properties of light gray forest surface gleyed soil

OSADCHUK V., GUNCHAK T., SANDULYAK T. Features of switchgrass growing as energy crop at conditions of Bukovyna

PUSHCHAK V. Peculiarities of chickpea cultivation on territory of Ukraine under conditions of climate change

RUDAVSKA N., GUK R. Effect of fertilizer on the yield formation of maize hybrids



VOROBEL M. Digestibility of nutrients and balance of Nitrogen in the dairy cows under the correction of vitamin and mineral nutrition

KLYM O. Concentration of fatty acids and heavy metals in the apple tree pollen in different natural areas of Carpathian region

KOZYR V., KOVALENKO V., GEKKIEV A. State and perspective of herdwork in milk stockbreeding of South Ukraine

ROMANCHUK А., RIVIS J. Average daily secretion of fatty acids of total lipids with milk and productive features of cows at presence in their diet of coffee slurry

SEDILO H., VOVK S., PETRYSHYN M., HOMYK M., KARAPATA N. Peculiarities of proteins and energy feeding of ewes

FЕDАК V., FЕDАК N., PОLULIKH М., SHELEVACH A. Gas-energetic exchange in heifers and cows of Вlack-mottled milk breed of different constitution types

SHELEVACH А. Еxchange of nitrogen-containing compounds in organism and productivity of the bulls when fed them with the different forms of cellulose-containing fodder

YASHCHUK T, RUSHCHYNSKA T., TYKHONOVА B. Adaptability of hybrid cows of Red Polish breed to the paratypical environmental conditions

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