Foothill and mountain agriculture and stockbreeding. – 2016. – V. 59

Agriculture and plant growing

BAYSTRUK-HLODAN L. Ecological plasticity and stability variance of variety-samples of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) at conditions of Precarpathians

BOMBA M. Biological agriculture: state and perspectives of development

BROSCHAK I. Impact of technological methods of growing on quality indicators of hayfields forage of alfalfa-cereal agrophytocenose

VASYLENKO M. STADNYK A., KOSTYUCHENKO M. Influence Endorphit and Humisol on yield and quality of spring wheat on gray forest soils of the Northern Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

VASHCHYSHYN О.  Colorado beetle in Western Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

VOLOSHCHUK A., VOLOSHCHUK I., HLYVA V., HERESHKO H., SLUCHAK O., MOKRETSKA T. Ecological testing of winter wheat varieties in the conditions of the western Forest-Steppe

VOROBYOVA Yu. Features of yield losses winter wheat depending on the enzyme-mycotic exhaustion of seeds for different ripening groups

HLYVA V. Predecessors, their influence on productivity and quality of seeds of winter wheat varieties in the conditions of the western Forest-Steppe

HRYHORIV Ya., STELMAKH О. Effect of weather conditions on formation of rape productivity in Precarpathians

DOBRIANSKA N. Growing of timothy grass with using of microbial preparations at conditions of Precarpathians

DUBYTSKY О., KACHMAR O., DUBYTSKA A., SHCHERBA M. Effect of biological systems of fertilizers on nitrogen regime of gray forest soil under winter wheat

KNIHNITSKA L. Cultivating of flax in the soil conditions of Ivano-Frankivsk region

KOBYRENKO Yu. Reseeding of leguminous perennial grasses to improve productivity of meadow agrocenoses

KONYK G. Estimation of variety-samples of red fescue (Festuca rubra L.) by biological and economically valuable indicators as the initial material for breeding

KORETSKA M. The structure of winter rape plants at the time of termination of autumn vegetation depending on the presowing treatment of seeds and outside roots fertilizing

LYS N., TKATCHUK N., IWANYK R. Productivity of mustard black depending on the use of bacterial preparations

MALIIENKO A. BORYS N. The temperature regime of the soil in crops of corn depending on the placement of the seed in the seedbed

OLIFIROVICH V., ZAPLITNY Y., MYKULIAK І., LINSKA М., КАRP Т., KOZAK G. The effect of cutting height on the productivity and feeding value of corn hybrids for silage

PEREHRYM O. Correlation connections between productivity traits in white clover breeding (Trifolium repens L.)

PRYSTATSKA O., VOLOSHCHUK A., VOLOSHCHUK I., BILOVUS G., SLUCHAK O. The development of Peronospora parasitica on varieties and hybrids of winter rape depending on meteorological factors in conditions of western Forest-Steppe

RUDAVSKA N. TKACHUK Y. Formation of seeded phytocenoses

TYMCHYSHYN S., SYDORCHUK S., HOLUBETS I. Estimation of fodder beet genotypes for creating of high-productive hybrids

TKACHUK Y. RUDAVSKA N. Productivity of corn hybrids in сonditions of Western Forest-Steppe

FEDAK V., MAMCHUR O., RIVIS J. The relationship between the fatty acids accumulation and yield and quality of grain crops in sowings

CHOMIAK M. Study of orchard grass variety-samples for hay and pasture use


DAN’KIV V. Productive qualities of Simmentals at conditions of Precarpathians

DAN’KIV V., KOGUT M. Assessment of suitability of Simmental breed cows firstborn to machine milking

DYACHENKO А., STADNYTSKA O., FERENTS L. Influence of tissue preparations on the performance of protein metabolism and reproductive function of cows of different milk yield

KOGUT M., BRATYUK V., DAN’KIV V. The relationship of exterior and milk production in Simmental cows

PALIY A. Improved method of estimation quality of cows milk

SEDILO Н., VOVK S., PETRYSHYN M., HOMYK M. Milk production and qualitative proofs of milk and cheese for the use in the diets of ewes of PMS optimized compositions

SEDILO H., PUNDYK V., SHEVCHUK P., TESAK G. Evaluation of boars Red-White Belted breed on indicators “own productivity” of progenies

STADNYTSKA O. Exterior measurements  of cows and their relationship with dairy productivity

FERENTS L. Reproductive ability parameters of cows Ukrainian Вlack Spotted dairy cattle breed and their influence on milk productivity

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