VOLUME 58(2)

Foothill and mountain agriculture and stockbreeding. – 2015. – V. 58(2)

Agriculture and plant growing

Bilovus G. Role of sowing dates as factor limitation of development of diseases of leaves and increase of winter wheat yield

Bugryn L., Bugryn O., Partyka T. Influence of sowing ways and nutrition levels on feed productivity of goats-rue (Galega orientalis Lam.) in conditions of the western Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

Vavrynovych O. Influence of basic tillage and fertilizers on the fertility of grey forest soil

Vashchyshyn О. Development of late blight on potato varieties

Voloshchuk O., Dytsio O. Field germination of winter rye seeds depending on hydrothermal factors at conditions of western Forest-Steppe

Halan M., Kalahurka O., Huk R. Composition of bean collection at Instituten of Agriculture of Carpathian Region of NAAS

Hospodarenko G., Lisyansky O. Formation of organic matter by green manures depending on fertilizing and its impact on the yield of winter wheat in ashed chernozem of Right-Bank Forest-Steppe

Zabolotny H., Tsyhanska O. Role of mineral fertilization in formation potential of soybean photosynthesis in Forest-Steppe Right-Bank conditions

Ivanyuk V., Kachmar O., Vavrynovych O. Phytomeliorative potential of the Lupinus polyphyllus

Lisova Yu. Variation and correlation of componental traits of productivity and grain quality in oat naked genotypes

Partyka T., Hamkalo Z., Bedernichek T. Application of multi-stage chemodestructive fractionation method for assessing the qualitative composition of soil organic matter

Pryimachuk L., Todosyuk E. Economic and biological valuation of elite forms of black currant in the western Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

Svìderko M., Shuvar A., Tkachenko L., Tymchyshyn O.,Behen L., Tymkiv M. Photosynthetic productivity of winter wheat plants depending on the sowing dates and nutrition conditions

Silchuk A., Koval’chuk V., Chumak P., Vyhera S., Lisovyi M. Pests of plants genus Viburnum L. and environmental control methods of their number

Tkachenko L., Tkachenko L., Begen L., Tymkiv M. Efficiency on the application of biopreparation in cultivation of triticale winter


Dan’kiv V. Development of highproductive herds of combined directions of productivity at conditions of Precarpathians

Dan’kiv V., Bratyuk V. Breeding and farm-valuable features of Simmental breed cows under conditions of Precarpathians

Dushara I., Fedak N., Vovk Ya. Milk productivity of cows at introduction of experimental fodder addition in the composition of silage-concentrated rations

Dyachenko O. Hematologic parameters in cows of different levels of milk production at prenatal and postnatal periods for parenteral administration of tissue preparations

Kaplinsky V. Oxygen-dependent processes in tissue homogenates of stomach and intestines of pigs in norm and pathology (inflammation), corrective action of veterinary medicines Lipogen, Viron, Lipoflok

Kogut M. Variability and heritance of basic breeding traits in cows of Black-mottled breed / M. Kogut

Kogut M. Results of the linear estimates for dairy type in cows of Black-mottled breed / M. Kogut

Pundyk V., Samarin Yu., Tesak G. Study of reproductive and productive qualities of pigs Poltava meat breed

Fedak V., Fedak N., Vrydnyk B., Polulikh M.,Shelevach A.,Procyk Ya., Saranchuk I. Physiological and biochemical blood parameters of Simmental breed heifers of Precarpathians with different constitutional types

Fedak N., Chumachenko S.phzt-journal.isgkr.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/zbirnik/58-2us, Dushara I., Zayats O. The problem of geese feeding

Fedak N., Chumachenko S., Dushara I. Optimized rations based on modern standards in repair heifers feeding N.

Boivka T., Vrydnyk B., Polulikh O. Marketing and innovative activity in the Institute of Agriculture of Carpathian Region of NAAS.

Boivka T., Vrydnyk B., Polulikh O. Formation of the innovative environment in the agricultural production of the western region

Matviets V., Abramyk L., Sonets T. Using a plant variety as object right of intellectual property

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