Agriculture and plant growing

Baystruk-Hlodan L. Evaluation of red clover samples based on breeding indices. 3-11

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Voloshchuk I., Voloshchuk O., Hlyva V., Hereshko H., Sluchak O. Fractional composition of winter wheat varieties depending on the formed mass of 1000 seeds  12-21

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Voloshchuk O, Voloshchuk I., Hlyva V., Pashchak M.  Biological requirements of corn hybrids to growing conditions in the western Forest-Steppe 22-36

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Нavryshko O., Olifir Yu., Partyka Т. Soil structure and aggregate state of light-gray forest surface gleyed soil under the prolonged agrogenic effects in the Western Forest-Steppe 36-46

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Dubytsky O., Kachmar O., Dubytska A., Vavrynovych O., Shcherba M. The final ear productivity, depending on the traits of growth, acquisition and conservation of resources into the upper leaves of winter wheat under conditions of ecologically safe fertilizer systems 47-64

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Kachmar O., Vavrynovych O., Dubytska A., Dubytsky O., Shcherba M. Dynamics of labile and water-soluble forms of humus under influence of fertilizer systems and technologies of basic soil tillage in short-rotational crop rotation 64-76

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Marukhnyak A., Terletska M., Purdiak L. Cluster distribution of oats genotypes for ecological adaptivity quantitative traits of productivity 77-90

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Melnychuk T., Sendetskyi V., Kyforuk I., Stelmakh O., Zhyrun H. Biological and technological features of milk thistle productivity under conditions of the Pre-Carpathians 91-102

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Panakhyd Н., Konyk H., Kotyash U. The contents of organic matter in the forage of meadow with different grasses agrophytocenosis for long-term use. 103-114

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Panakhyd Н., Konyk H., Kotyash U. Formation of new-established legume-grass meadow swards depending on different types of fertilizers. 114-124

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Riabovol Ia., Riabovol L., Diordiieva I. Resistance to diseases of soft winter wheat samples created by hybridization of geographically remote forms 124-133

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Chomiak M. The manifestation of stability and plasticity of orchard grass (Dactylis glomerata L.) variety-samples in Pre-Carpathian conditions 133-145

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Shuvar A. Effect of herbicides and microfertilizer on the productivity of fiber flax. 145-155

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Shuvar A., Rudavska N., Behen L. Features formation of the productivity mixed crops of grain and leguminous crops 156-167

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Volovych V., Vovk S. Features of productive and metabolic effects of trуptophan in orgаnism of farm poultry 168-175

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Dyachenko O. Changes in the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids of the family w-6 in the liver and skeletal muscle of fattening bulls for using in rations of sunflower oil 176-185

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Shelevach A., Rivis I., Fedak N. Content of protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3 and omega-6 families in the blood of repair heifers under different energetic value of diets 186-197

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