VOLUME 67(1)


DOI VOLUME 67   10.32636/01308521.2020-(67(1))



Productive potential of meadow phytocenoses as a source of grass forages for cattle farming in the Carpathian region

Bugryn L., Kotyash U., Smetana S., Bugryn O., Pukalo D.

DOI 10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-1       Pdf   PDF

Bacterial preparations in the technology of growing winter wheat seeds in the western Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

Voloshchuk O., Voloshchuk I., Hlyva V., Hereshko H., Zapisotska M.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-2      Pdf   PDF


Formation of legume-cereal grass mixtures depending on fertilization

Dzyubaylo A., Martsinko T., Holovchuk M.

  DOI   10.32636/01308521.2019-(67)-1-3      Pdf   PDF 

The interdependencies between the growth traits of the upper leaves and the productivity of the ear of winter wheat under conditions of the ecologically safe fertilizer systems

Dubytsky О., Kachmar O., Dubytska A., Vavrynovych O., Shcherba M.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2019-(67)-1-4      Pdf   PDF  


 Inheritance of the productivity in hybrid offspring of potato got from self-pollination and intervarietal cross

Ilchuk R., Ilchuk Y.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2019-(67)-1-5      Pdf   PDF


Root mass Root mass accumulation of legume grasses and its effect
on nutrient regime of sod-podzolic soil

Karbivska U.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-6       Pdf   PDF 

Adaptive features of oats breeding genotypes for stem length

Marukhnyak A., Pushchak V., Lisova Y.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-7     Pdf   PDF 


 The effect of prolonged anthropogenic pressures on dynamics of nitrogen mineral forms of light gray forest surface-gleyed soil under spring barley

Olifir Y., Partyka T., Havryshko O.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-8      Pdf   PDF


The development of phomosis on varieties and hybrids of winter rape in conditions of Lviv region

Prystatska O., Bilovus H., Voloshchuk I., Sluchak O.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-9      Pdf   PDF 


Applicationof biological preparations
in organic technology of winter wheat growing

Shuvar A., Behen L., Dorota H., Tymkiv M.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-10      Pdf   PDF 


 Productivity of binary cenoses cereal and legumes

Shuvar A., Rudavska N., Behen L.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-11      Pdf   PDF   



Peculiarities of the accumulation of polyunsaturated
fatty acids of the -3 family in the tissues of fattening young cattle when using flaxseed oil in diets

Dyachenko O., Rivis Y.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-12      Pdf   PDF 


Сharacteristics of economic-useful signs in the Simmental breed cows
of different genealogical affiliation

Kohut M., Bratiuk V., Stadnytska O.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-13Pdf   PDF  


Accumulation of fat in bulls body of Charolais breed in postnatal ontogenesis

Kozyr V.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-14     Pdf   PDF


Productive qualities of sows and safety of piglets
for keeping in easel with advanced elements

Pundyk V., Tesak H.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-15      Pdf   PDF


The impact of the terms of weaning lambs and the advanced feeding of ewes on the level of milk  yield and its composition

Sedilo H., Vovk S., Petryshyn M.

DOI   10.32636/01308521.2020(67)-1-16      Pdf   PDF



 Polygenic heritable features of young pigs and their connection with activity of alkaline phosphatase and α-amylase blood serum

Кhalak V., Hutyi B., Stadnytska O., Bordun O.

DOI  10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-17      Pdf   PDF



 The changes of polyenic fatty acids level in the blood plasma and productive qualities of repair heifers for the use of oil additives in the ration

Shelevach A., Rivis I., Fedak N.

DOI  10.32636/01308521.2020-(67)-1-18      Pdf   PDF


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