VOLUME 68(2)



Agriculture and plant growing


Baystruk-Hlodan L., Konyk H., Chomiak M., Zhapaleu H.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-1  PdfPDF 

Evaluation of the Lotus corniculatus L. breeding material on slope lands of the Carpathian region


Begey S., Vasyurko І.,  Karasevych N.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-2  PdfPDF 

Comparative evaluation of different methods of basic tillage under spring grain cultures in the pre-carpathian conditions


Bugryn O., Bugryn L.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-3  PdfPDF 

Influence of the grass mixture composition and biological-mineral fertilizer on the fodder productivity of meadow agrophytocenoses on slope land


Dziubailo A., Shuvar A., Rudavska N., Dorota H., Tymkiv M.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-4  PdfPDF 

Evaluation of oil flax varieties by productivity in the Western Forest-Steppe zone of Ukraine


Dorota H., Voloshchuk O., Shuvar A.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-5  PdfPDF 

Evaluation of flax selection material according to main economic value indicators in the conditions of the western region


Osadchuk D., Blazhey K., Osadchuk V., Nikorych V.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-6  PdfPDF

Influence of different methods of forage and energetic crops cultivation on the parameters of gray forest soil solid phase


Perehrym O., Baystruk-Hlodan L., Ivantsiv R.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-7  PdfPDF 

The results of preliminary and competitive variety testing of white clover in the conditions of Peredkarpattya


Siroshtan A., Kavunets V., Ilchenko L.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-8  PdfPDF 

Heat resistance of winter wheat seeds depending on growing conditions


Smetana S., Bugryn L., Pukalo D., Pylypiv  N.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-9  PdfPDF 

Іnfluence of the grass mixtures composition and fertilizers on the productivity of sowed grasslands




Diachenko O.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-10  PdfPDF 

The content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and iodine in tissues and the intensity of growth of fattening bulls with the introduction of dietary supplements of oils and potassium iodide


Ilnytska H., Polulikh M., Fedak V.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-11 PdfPDF 

Exterior characteristics of black-motley bulls of different selection


Kohut M.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-12  PdfPDF 

Features of breeding western internal breed type of Ukrainian black-motley dairy breed with different variants of crossing


Tesak H., Pundyk V.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-13  PdfPDF 

The influence of retaining sows in pens with improved elements on their adaptability and productive qualities


Ferenc L., Petriv M.

DOI: 10.32636/01308521.2020-(68)-2-14  PdfPDF 

Productive qualities of Obroshynski gray geese in the second generation


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