V. 57

Foothill and mountain agriculture and stockbreeding. – 2015. – V. 57






Abramyk M., Sendetskyi V. Compatible use of green manure and destruction of straw and other crop residues of the drug Vermystym D



Begey S. The main effect of treatment on water-physical properties of the soil in short-term crop rotation of Precarpathians



Bilovus G., Zayats O., Yaremko B. Resistance to net blotch of winter barley varieties of different ecological and geographical origin in the conditions of Western forest-steppe of Ukraine


Vashchyshyn О. Damage of wireworms on varieties of potatoes


Voloshchuk I., Hlyva V., Hereshko H., Sluchak O. Ecological plasticity of winter wheat varieties for growing in the western Forest-Steppe


Voloshchuk O., Dytso O. The effect of biological agents on field germination of seeds of winter rye in western Forest-Steppe


Voloschuk O. , Koretska M. The influence of presowing processing of seeds on field germination of winter rape


Voloshchuk O.,  Cosovska R.  Seed productivity and quality of winter rape crop depending on seeding rates of seeds and levels of mineral nutrition of plants


Voloschuk O.,  Shevchuk O. Yield winter rape depending on the time of sowing and seeding rates seeds


Vorobyova Yu. Economic and bio-energetic assessment of the cultivation of winter wheat varieties resistant to enzyme-micoz depletion of grain


Halan M.,  Kalahurka O., Huk R.  Efficiency of symbiosis of collection samples of vetch spring (Vicia Sativa L.) by inoculation with strain of Rhizobium leguminosarum  bv.viciae su LN Нg++


Drozd I. the influence of growth conditions on the expression and variability of the sign of “the weight of 1000 seeds” of oil flax in the western forest-steppe


Dubitsky A. Efficiency of biological systems fertilizer under winter wheat in the conditions of Western Forest-steppe


Dubytsky А. Crop capacity and quality of winter wheat on the system of green and organic fertilizer


Ivanyuk V.. Kachmar O, Ivanyuk H. Anti-erosion resistance of gray forest soils of the Lviv plateau


Ilchuk V. The potato market in Ukraine at the present stage of development of potato industry


Kobyrenko Yu. Productivity and forage quality of the restored at zero soil cultivation in herbage


Kobyrenko Yu., Mashchak Ya., Panakhyd G., Kotyash U., Bugryn L. Economic and energy evaluation recovered by technology zero soil cuitivation herbage


Konyk G., Garmych D. Comparative evaluation of productivity of breeding numbers of timothy meadow, depending on the methods of creation of the source material


Konyk G.,  Dobrianska N. Formation of productivity of timothy meadow, depending on the technology of cultivation in the condition of Precarpathians


Konyk G., Khomiak M. Creation and preliminary evaluation of the source material of dactylis glomerata in terms of Precarpathians


Kotyash U., Panakhyd G., Yarmolyuk M. Diduch G., Pukalo D. Influence of agronomic factors on the formation when haying use old-sown grass lands


Lisovyi M. Features of natural plant protection for organic production


Lopushniak V., Avgustynovych M. The effect of different levels of mineral nutrition on the formation of biometric indicators of the spike and productivity of spring triticale in Western forest-steppe of Ukraine


Marukhnyak A.,. Datsko A, Lisova Yu., Marukhnyak G. Naked oat. Variety Avhol

Perehrym O. Evaluation of a selection numbers of white clover on main agronomic valuable indicators


Prystatska O. Phytophages on the winter rape in the conditions of Western forest-steppe


Rudavska N. The content of the main chemical elements in the stern of the herbage at their use of hay


Rudavska N., Tkachuk Yu., Huk R., Kalagurka O., Havrylyak Ya. Grop capacity and economically valuable indicators of maize hybrids under conditions of western forest Steppe


Tarhonia V., Lisovyi M., Kyrylenko Y., Drozd P. Integrated use of biotechnological alternatives in adaptive agro bioengineered systems


Terletska M., Mashchak Ya., Buhryn L., Smetana S. Effect of stripe band growing legume and cereal components on economic and energy indicators


Yatsukh К.,Tymchuk I., Dobrovetska M. Panther is a reliable protection of crops of winter rape from grass weeds






Rivis Y., Maletich M.Fatty acid composition of triacylglycerols of skeletal muscles and reproducible ability of carps-sires with different levels of vitamin A in the fodder



Sedilo H., Vovk S., Petryshyn М., Khomyк М.Milk yield and quality of ewe milk of the carpathian mountain breed when using in the diet optimized PVMS



Skorokhid I., Garmadiy O., Vorobel M.Effectiveness of homeopathic remedy of different doses (potency) on milk production of dairy cows


Pyontyk Y., Kuharuk O. Key activities for improving engineering and technical providing of agro-industrial complex of Lviv region

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